10% Presentation (5 – 15 minutes):

Residents/Elders/Participants learn about the history of our featured artist through our lecture (basic biography of artist). During this time, they will also have a chance to see some of the artist’s work through a powerpoint presentation of the artist's lifeworks. (all equipment is provided) Unlimited amount of residents can sit in during the presentation.

90% Hands-On (45 – 60 minutes):

This is what we feel makes the Art of the Masters Program different from other art programs. During this time, your residents/elders/participants will take part in a hands-on project which will be in the likeness (style,medium,and/or genre) of the featured artist.  Everyone will be patiently guided along the way, while allowing their own creativity to come out and shine.

* IMPORTANT NOTE: Hands on section is limited to 16 residents. This is done to ensure there is enough time to work with each student on a one-on-one basis during the class.  (All materials and supplies will be provided for the class, including table covers.)

At the end of the class,  they will leave with their very own masterpiece that they created!